Why start a channel in Telegram

Messaging apps have revolutionised the modern world – now we can communicate with other people globally at the touch of a button. The most dynamic of these is Telegram, which allows you to not only exchange ideas with friends, but also earn money. Nowadays, a channel in Telegram is comparable in potential with a Facebook page. It’s also a trending platform with huge development potential and arguably greater user participation than on Facebook – that’s because all subscribers to the channel are guaranteed to see messages in Telegram. Therefore, while the market is still young, the chance to successfully create a top channel in a specific, well-defined, niche is very high. Furthermore, the demand for such channels is constantly increasing, as is the demand for the creators of such channels. Bookmakers and other advertisers are actively trying to recruit them into affiliate programs. SimilarWeb analysts conducted a study on the popularity of instant messengers in various countries with data used from mobile devices. According to the results, the main audience of telegrams are users from Iran and Uzbekistan. What are the reasons for popularity in specific countries? Well, these vary: Arab countries – the ban on most social networks. Russia – Interest in Pavel Durov, the Russian founder of Telegram. Italy and Spain – A system of language versions and applications. But can you take advantage of the heightened interest in Telegram and make a profit? Well, in many countries, channel creators are increasingly monetizing their posts through the use of gambling affiliate marketing, commercials and other popular methods. In English-speaking countries, however, Telegram has yet to gain full momentum and the audience numbers are still comparatively low…but growing. Given that the messenger already shows excellent numbers in terms of revenue, and that English-speaking countries are generally high-income per capita, the potential is enormous.

What is a Telegram channel and how to create it

A Telegram channel is, in fact, a microblog in which authors deliver information to the audience about a topic of interest to subscribers. There are 2 types of channels: private and public, with the only difference being the way users are added. People get to private channels by invitation from the group administrator. These channels are great for private groups / corporate channels, and in our case, for users to receive exclusive forecasts for sporting events. Accompanying materials for such forecasts can be obtained, for example, by using an affiliate partner program of a bookmaker. The best gambling affiliate programs, such as 1xBet, have access to high-level promotional materials that make it easier to understand how to bet. If the link that subscribers receive is in the public domain, and “left” subscribers start adding to the channel, you can always withdraw the link through the channel settings. As the name suggests, public channels are available for subscription to everyone. An administrator can always make a private channel public through the Create public link button.

How to create a channel

First of all, make sure that your smartphone has the latest software version. To create a channel, follow a few simple steps. 1. Open Telegram messenger and go to the settings menu. 2. Find the “Create Channel” tab and open this option. 3. Enter all required information about the name and description of the channel. 4. Select the checkbox that best suits your requirements. 5. Once you have chosen the public or private type of channel, get a URL link. 6. To make the channel easier to identify, add the channel userpic in the settings. There are no restrictions on the topics of creating channels. Developers have not yet to monetize this feature, but it will likely happen in time. However, now you can still make good money even without this function by being part of a gambling affiliate network. You can also read the feed in a channel without subscribing to it.

How to collect subscribers for the channel

First of all, you can share the link to the channel with your friends and acquaintances by posting the link on social networks or email newsletters. Slightly more difficult but more interesting and, almost certainly, more effective methods include: 1.Use an existing channel directory Read the terms of the catalog and send a request for accommodation. Here are some directories for your reference: @catalog_channels @CatalogTelegram @worldchannels @tpublics 2. Offer link exchange Look for channels of similar subjects with approximately the same volume of subscribers as you have in order to arrange a link. If you manage to agree, both channels publish links to each other and redistribute part of their audience. Why is it important to remember the same volume of subscribers? It is unlikely that any channel that has 2-3 or more times more subscribers will want to exchange links with you – this will not be an equivalent exchange for it. 3. Advertising This is more complicated: you need to find good channels with your potential target audience and agree on placement. 4. Channel collections Form ratings and collections of channels of a certain subject. This does not mean that it is worth including a list of all channels – the information should be useful to readers. Indicate that you also maintain a channel (as an option – select it), this format can pique the interest of many users.

How to follow statistics in Telegram

By default, the messenger only supports two metrics: the number of views and the number of subscribers. Viewing subscribers is available for the channel administrator, other users see only their number. Telegram does not provide for the analysis of statistics of subscribed and unsubscribed channel users. The only analysis option is working with the dynamics of subscribers using bots. A unique visit constitutes viewing. If one user enters the channel from two different devices, two views will be counted. In mobile applications, the number of views after a thousand is rounded. In the desktop version of Telegram, data is rounded after 10 thousand views.

Telegram messenger bots

All bots in Telegram are divided into inline bots and external bots. Inline bots are bots called directly in the channel by teams. The most popular of these are the following: 1. Vote (a polling bot) It is summoned by the @vote command – after that, you need to click Create new poll and the dialog menu with the bot will open. The maximum number of responses for a survey is 10. As soon as you compile a survey and press “DONE”, you will again find yourself in the channel where you will see a proposal to publish a poll. There is also a polling close function. 2. Like (offers answers in the form of likes) It is summoned by the @like command and is created by analogy with a survey. GroupAgreeBot – a detailed representation of the poll bot, which allows you to find out who voted how. Its summoned by the @groupagreebot team, but it must be warned that the results of the survey are visible to everyone, not just the channel administrator. As for external bots, they are not called by teams in the messenger. Most often, they need to be added to the channel administrators, but they allow formatting of text, viewing of basic statistics and publishing of timer posts.

The essence of Telegram in one paragraph

A channel on Telegram is a great tool for delivering information to your audience. The viewing of messages is guaranteed not to fall below 60-70%, with the potential to reach all 100% if you have really cool content. Therefore, creating your own channel is a great option in order to start earning money, including using such a popular method as joining a casino affiliate network or bookmakers affiliate program.