Through the years, the 1xBet affiliate platform – 1xPartners – has grown into a massive community with more than 25,000 active partnerships and the list is still expanding. Thousands and thousands of affiliates trust 1xPartners for their transparent services, fast and flexible commission withdrawal and excellent rates. This article is going to focus on the withdrawal methods made available by 1xPartners online affiliate website and tell you about the best ways to get your revenue.

Available Withdrawal Options at 1xPartners

The network affiliate program has multiple payment options that can be used by partners, no matter the part of the world they’re located in. With various ewallet options, bank transfers and mobile-friendly payment methods, you’ll always find the best suited option for you. However, the payment option that opens up all the withdrawal possibilities and unlocks around 200 payment methods for you, is creating a player account.

Advantages of Withdrawing Through a Player Account

There are many reasons why 1xPartners is one of the best website affiliate programs out there. And one of those reasons is the ability to withdraw your revenue by creating a player account. Doing things this way will bring you a set of advantages over the standard method. The most important is the speed with which withdrawals are processed. For example, if you’re using an ewallet, the funds are transferred immediately from your player account. Each account is guarded by the latest two-step authentication technology so you can count on your funds to be in perfect safety. There are also no limits to the amount of funds you can accumulate and withdraw through a player account so you can use it whenever it is more convenient for you.

How to Create a Player Account

If you’re already part of the 1xPartners, you can switch to getting paid in a player account in two extremely-simple steps. First of all, register an account with 1xBet – that can be done in literally one click – and then send an email to [email protected] and let us know that you’ve created a player account and you wish to change the withdrawal option. 1xPartners believes that real affiliate marketing programs should always look out for their collaborators and that’s why they’re always coming up with innovations to make partnerships more efficient and enjoyable. Check out 1xPartners today and discover all the perks you can enjoy by joining this vast community.