New way to make money: become a 1xBet betting agent

Published: 02.08.2022
New way to make money: become a 1xBet betting agent

Making money online without investment is the dream of millions of people. And making money on bets is becoming more and more popular every day. But what about those who don’t want to take risks but are still keen on finding a stable source of income? Fortunately, there is a way – the 1xBet betting company has launched a new cooperation format called 1xBet Agent. With it, all you need is a smartphone with Internet access to earn money.

Let’s answer a few basic questions.


What is 1xBet Agent?

It’s a type of network marketing with an intermediary between the bookmaker and the player. The intermediary is called a 1xBet agent, whose task is to receive money from the player and deposit it into the 1xBet account. Withdrawing money works the same way: the agent receives the money earned by the player, having transferred from the account, and in return, gives the money to the player and receives a commission from the bookmaker. Online earnings that are beneficial to everyone!


What is the meaning of this for the players?

The ability to replenish the account and receive winnings in another convenient way, including with the help of cash. Complete confidentiality, absolute safety of personal data, and also – no commissions. The exact amount the agent receives from the player appears on the game account.


What is the benefit for the agent?

Unlike the player, the 1xBet agent receives a commission. Its size is 3-5% for deposits and 2% for withdrawals. The exact percentage depends on several factors, such as the country where such a betting broker operates. After filling in all the personal data required, he or she learns the commission size. A betting agent can help others earn money and, at the same time, earn money themselves. And most importantly, becoming a partner is not difficult at all.


How do you become a 1xBet agent?

Leave a request on the website and receive a letter from the agent program manager. This is necessary to pass verification and obtain the status of a 1xBet agent. After that, the manager will create an account so that you can make a minimum deposit. The account must be replenished through the international payment system. 

Then the agent receives from the agent program manager a link to download a special application necessary for work. Money from this agent account is transferred to the game account of another user. You can transfer funds to the game accounts of other players as many times as you like per day. The same applies to withdrawing funds from gaming accounts.


Is it legal?

Absolutely. In essence, the program participant is a betting broker whose role is to mediate between the player and 1xBet. Some users do not want to leave their data on the Internet, others cannot find a suitable transaction option for withdrawing earnings, and some do not have a card but have cash that they want to deposit.

These are all everyday problems that 1xBet Agent can solve. Technically, transferring money from one gaming account to another is a standard p2p payment. And most importantly, players can now already use such a system for depositing and withdrawing. Therefore, you can become a partner and a representative of 1xBet right now.


Why is 1xBet Agent the future?

Firstly, this format allows both the players and agents to earn money anywhere, at any time that’s convenient for them. Bets on 1xBet are available 24/7 – therefore, “around the clock” is not a figure of speech but a reality that allows people to make money with no time restrictions.

Agents do not risk money, all that is needed from them is a game account, diligent transactions and a willingness to help other players replenish their accounts promptly. 1xBet has a wide range of betting markets, a developed system of bonuses and promotions, plus good odds. This means that a betting agent can count on consistently high income in the form of a commission from the bookmaker.

The agent application from 1xBet Agent allows you to avoid overlapping work areas of different agents. This makes the agent’s interaction with the brand as efficient as possible and the agent network as wide as possible. The application will allow money transactions from the agent’s account to the players’ accounts and vice versa. At the same time, agents themselves can find players to whom they will provide their services.

You can learn more about the program right now at

Become a part of 1xBet Agent – and get a new source of income!

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