Who can join the 1xBet affiliate program?

Published: 09.07.2020
Who can join the 1xBet affiliate program?

The first two decades of the XXI century, without any doubt, became a segment when the Internet first connected the whole world with each other, and then made it possible to start making good money 24/7. If we talk about bookmaker companies, the possibilities of such earnings are almost endless, because bets on a variety of events will always be relevant.

Excitement is in human nature, and therefore the field of betting attracts more and more people every year. Including people who are interested in making money on the Internet without investment. According to analysts at Zion Market Research, the betting market may reach $ 155 billion by 2024. To understand the growth rate, it is worth saying that back in 2017 this figure was estimated at $ 104.3 billion. Thus, the average annual growth of the market volume can start at 8.8%.

The numbers are absolutely fantastic – and every year there are more and more people willing to join the money “pie”. Owners of sites of all types are thinking about how they could make money with the advertising of bookmakers and begin to study the partner programs of bookmakers.

Many owners of popular sites have doubts about whether they will scare away visitors to their resources with ads that have nothing to do with the site’s theme. Therefore, the size of the bookmaker’s line is of great importance, how versatile directions are presented in it.

In this regard, participants of the affiliate program from the 1xBet bookmakers affiliate programs need not worry. In addition to the fact that daily events from more than 90 sports are presented in the bookmaker’s line, visitors of the company’s website and mobile applications can also place bets on events from a variety of walks of life.

Cinema, music, politics, economics, scientific progress, even the weather and indicators of popular Youtube channels – this is not a complete list of directions with which you can earn thanks to 1xBet. Moreover, the company is sensitive to a wide variety of news and launches special bets dedicated to the most exciting events for the audience – whether Elon Musk will land on Mars before the end of the decade, whether Greta Thunberg will receive the Nobel Prize, whether Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will reunite – far from the most exotic examples of bets in the bookmaker’s line.

Also, special sections devoted to live casinos, slots, online games, poker and other opportunities to earn money for gamblers are becoming more and more popular on the 1xBet website and mobile applications. A huge assortment of options for making money allows brand partners to choose those options that best suit the interests of visitors to their resources.

But before telling who can become a member of the 1xBet affiliate program, it is worth telling a little about the reasons for its growing popularity.

Benefits of the 1xBet affiliate program

Best Marketing Tools

A huge amount of promotional materials that allow you to earn both on sporting events and on gaming promotions is the calling card of the 1xBet affiliate program. And 1xPartners members receive a lot of analytical data that can be conveniently and quickly structured in order to understand what content is most interesting to visitors of partner resources.

Lifetime commission from each referred player

The interest mentioned above is converted into bets. Each player who has made a bet is registered on 1xBet through a special individual partner link, which assigns the player to a partner for the entire period of his activity.

Top conversion of registrations to deposits

1xBet makes available to players the best product on the betting market, the most diverse and well-prepared. Therefore, interest in earning opportunities is steadily appearing among a large number of players.

More than 200 options for withdrawing money

The brand’s affiliate program gives you the opportunity to independently choose a convenient way for each specific partner to make your profit. The choice of this method is carried out immediately after connecting to the affiliate program.

Regular payments

1xBet offers affiliate program members a clear payout schedule with which they can be sure of a stable income.

Flexible system of bonuses for partners

Thanks to 1xPartners, 1xBet partners maximize their income over time, receiving all the new benefits. Therefore, thousands of participants in the affiliate program have been in it for many years, steadily increasing their earning opportunities.

Personal support

Each of the participants in the affiliate program is assigned a personal manager who is always ready to answer questions of any level of complexity and help to understand the mechanisms of work of 1xPartners.

Who can join the 1xBet Partners affiliate program

Now let’s take a closer look at who can join the 1xBet Partners affiliate program and how these people can interest visitors to their resources. But before connecting to an affiliate program, it is important to remember about the minimum requirements from a bookmaker company. Only persons who have reached the age of 18 can become members of 1xPartners, you can register only 1 time and re-registrations are prohibited.

Site owners

As noted, it doesn’t matter that the affiliate site is specialized in sports. Although, of course, the bookmaker pays great attention to sports, analyzing the events that take place every day around the world. Accordingly, the owners of sites that are located even in countries where traditionally top sports are not very popular can become partners of the bookmaker.

An affiliate link from 1xBet can lead to events from the world of bandy, camel racing, pesapallo or Australian football – and allow players to place bets on the sports they know. And, accordingly, the 1xPartners affiliate program allows owners of sites dedicated to even the most exotic sports to earn money.

Earning on affiliate programs with 1xBet is available to everyone. Owners of online stores, developers of mobile applications, owners of photo and video hosting sites, creators of cryptocurrencies – this is not a complete list of specialties that people who have decided to find out what an affiliate program are. Considering that the 1xBet affiliate program is as easy as possible for understanding, and the support service is always ready to advise on any issue, quick earnings become available to owners of resources of a very different focus very quickly.

Internet marketers and affiliates

We should also mention the people who professionally deal with advertising and arbitrage traffic on the Internet. 1xBet advertising is quite easy to adapt to the desired audience, attracting people of all ages and professions in dozens of countries around the world. Therefore, interaction with the company’s affiliate program is a rather convenient way for marketers and affiliates to make money by sending thousands of people to the site every day.

It is worth saying that 1xBet has high standards in terms of traffic that leads people to brand resources. As you know, the quality level of a stream of potential customers depends on two factors. The first is the origin of this stream, the second is the number of people who are ready for conversion. All this affects the individual conditions that participants in the 1x Partners affiliate program receive. However, in the presence of high-quality traffic, the possibilities of earning with 1xBet are practically unlimited.

Authors of popular blogs and social media pages

The best affiliate programs are distinguished not only by their attention to the sites where they can be hosted, but also to the people behind these sites. 1xPartners, as one such program, pays special attention to working with the owners of popular personal pages and blogs. After all, if you think about it, these are the same opinion leaders, like, for example, Roger Federer or Cristiano Ronaldo, just show their skills not on sports fields and grounds, but on the Internet.

Mutually beneficial cooperation with 1xBet is a completely logical solution for people who want to monetize their popularity. After all, the affiliate program assumes that promotional materials can be posted on social networks, the Youtube channel, public pages, groups, in general, on almost any platform (of course, provided that they comply with the laws of the countries in which the partner works with 1xBet). Each partner (or affiliate) of the bookmaker gets the opportunity to earn with the help of a high-quality bookmaker product known to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Remember that it doesn’t matter what industry you are an authority in – cyber games, TV shows, politics (although, of course, everyone understands politics, like football). 1xBet will definitely have an offer that you cannot refuse.

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