Unique 1xGames is a Great Way to hit the Jackpot

Published: 15.05.2020
Unique 1xGames is a Great Way to hit the Jackpot

There are tens of thousands of  members of the 1xBet affiliate program. 1xPartners is a powerful affiliate program that provides excellent earning opportunities. For this, the affiliate program offers its members the most advanced marketing tools. But even the most advanced tools would not be enough without a quality product such as the games that players like so much.

The secret to success is simple: just remember that life is a game, and part of the game is the desire to win it. It is just the same as gambling at 1xGames. There is great opportunity and excitement to play online. Let your visitors know that they don’t have to go to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, just open the site of your favorite bookmaker and begin to enjoy gambling for yourself.

All the opportunities are provided for with 1xBet BC. 1xBet partners can find a special section of 1xGames, which presents more than 100 unique games for every taste. Combine these games with excellent graphic design and unique characters. All this makes the section one of the most popular places for playing for real money.

Bonuses and Jackpots at 1xGames

The developed bonus system is an important advantage of 1xBet, and allows the company to consistently attract new players. We are talking about the starting bonus on the first deposit, and about promotions relating to individual sections. In particular, about the 1xGames jackpot, which is played every day.

1xBet has a regular cashback bonus which attracts new players all the time. To get it, players just need to decide on their favorite games, select two of them and automatically receive 3% on all bets in these games. Thus, gambling will become even more interesting for them. Also, 1xBet every month randomly chooses another game in which players receive an increased cashback of 5%.

A Diverse Assortment of Games

The choice of 1xGames offerings is impressive and choosing the very best is not easy. But if we talk about the most popular games, then we can distinguish the following four. Together with 1xBet, a partner can find a game that suits his gambling style.

Royal Hi-Lo. An online game that is perfect for anyone who dreamed of attending a real ball or at least a social event fit for monarchs. Kings and queens are left to respectfully observe how after the bet the player receives four cards, from which he must choose one. After this, one must try to predict whether the value of the next card, which will go to the participant, will be greater or lesser. With the right choice, the bet amount increases according to a unique coefficient.

Hot Dice. The dealer going against the player is a battle of nerves.  The one who comes out on top is someone for whom gambling is a lifestyle. It’s simple – the dealer rolls the dice, the player makes a prediction.

Before starting, you can choose one of these four options:

  • more;
  • less;
  • more or equal;
  • less or equal.

Five successful forecasts in a row – and the bet amount increases by 30 times. Here you can play big and check your luck!

Gems Odyssey. Unlike the epic of Homer, in this odyssey, heroes do not have to wait for the finale for 20 years. The game will impress even experienced connoisseurs of gambling. 25 cells are filled with gems in random order. There are 6 types of these stones in total, the player needs to wait until 3 or more identical stones fill the neighboring cells horizontally or vertically. After clicking on these stones, they fall into a special scale, which must be filled completely. If this happens, then the rate increases depending on which stones filled this scale. Each stone has a unique value – and it depends on the player what kind of winnings he can get.

Jungle Secrets. Perfect for those affiliate program participants who want to recommend an action-packed online game to their readers. Players here need to choose one of the inhabitants of the jungle, including its color – each parameter affects the winning coefficient. To win, it is enough for the arrow on the game wheel to stop on the selected animal. Exploring the jungle here is a great way to not only develop your imagination, but also make good money.

Such a variety should help players find the best fit for their gaming style. Further to this those that have their own websites  can now join the affiliate program to create their own wealth. Register with the 1xBet affiliate program and tell visitors of your resources to get them playing at the best betting site around!

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