What is RevShare? Let’s explore this model and consider its pros and cons

RevShare, or Revenue Sharing, is one of the most popular models in the online marketing world. This model of cooperation between affiliates and companies makes it possible to share profits from the sale of products or services. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what RevShare is and its specific features, as well as the pros and cons of this model.

What is the RevShare model?

The RevShare model is a form of cooperation between companies and affiliates where they share profits from the sale of products or services in accordance with previously agreed terms. In this model, affiliates, also often referred to as partners, actively promote the company’s products or services and receive a percentage of the revenue from the sales they generate. RevShare encourages affiliates to grow sales and cooperate with the company, since their income directly depends on the company’s success. This model allows companies to reduce marketing and advertising costs by shifting some of the responsibility to affiliates, which makes this model popular in online marketing and e-commerce.

How to choose the right RevShare affiliate program?

Choosing the right RevShare affiliate program requires careful analysis and consideration of several key issues. Here are the steps that will help you make your choice:
Reputation research. Before you join a RevShare affiliate program, it is important to research its reputation. Reviews and ratings from other affiliates and companies can give you an idea of the program’s reliability and professionalism.
Terms of cooperation. Study the terms of cooperation offered by the affiliate program. This includes sales percentages, payment rules, periods for sales tracking, as well as the conditions for terminating cooperation.
Quality of support. Support from an affiliate program is vital. Make sure you have access to the help and information you need if you have questions or concerns.
Topics and products. Assess what products or services the company offers through the affiliate program and how they correspond to your target audience. Understanding what you’ll be promoting will be an important success factor.
Reports. It is important that the affiliate program provides clear and accessible reports on sales and income. This will help you monitor your progress and make informed decisions.
Technical capabilities. Make sure your affiliate program has the latest infrastructure and technology to track sales and payments. An effective accounting and reporting system is critical for successful cooperation.
Affiliate programs. Think about the variety of affiliate programs and the opportunities for growth within an affiliate program. Some RevShare affiliate programs offer different levels of cooperation and bonuses for achieving certain results.

The right choice of RevShare affiliate program depends on your business goals and strategy. Carefully research the market, compare offers from various affiliate programs, and choose the one that best meets your needs and goals.
Features of the model

The Revenue Sharing (RevShare) model has several key features that make it both popular and successful in the world of online business:
Transparency and honesty. One of the main features of RevShare is a high degree of transparency and honesty between companies and affiliates. All the terms of cooperation, including sales percentages and profit-sharing rules, are usually negotiated in advance in a partnership agreement. This creates trust and ensures fairness in relationships.
Passive income. RevShare allows affiliates to earn a passive income. After attracting customers and making their first sales, the affiliate can continue to earn a percentage on subsequent sales, even if they are no longer actively promoting the company’s products or services. This makes the RevShare model attractive to those who want to create stable sources of passive income.
Cooperation with multiple affiliates. RevShare allows companies to cooperate with multiple affiliates at the same time. This expands audience coverage and increases the chances of making successful sales. Companies can work with a variety of affiliates, each capable of attracting its own unique audience.
Risks and rewards. With RevShare, affiliates share both risks and rewards with the company. This means that if sales go up, their revenue also increases. However, if sales fall, they may suffer losses. This feature encourages partners to actively sell and promote the company’s products.
Ease of control. The RevShare model is usually relatively easy to manage as the main processes for tracking sales and calculating revenue are automated. This reduces the need for complex administrative tasks and allows companies to focus on more important aspects of the business.
Adaptable to different markets. RevShare can be successfully applied in various market sectors, including e-commerce, financial services, online gambling, and others. The model adapts to the specifics of the business and allows companies to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

The RevShare model is an effective and flexible form of cooperation that benefits both companies and their affiliates. Its features make it attractive to various businesses and enable partners to achieve common goals related to online marketing and e-commerce.

Pros and cons of the RevShare model


  • Scalability. The RevShare model allows companies to scale their businesses by attracting more affiliates to promote their products.
  • Lower costs. Companies can reduce their marketing and advertising costs by shifting some of the responsibility to affiliates.
  • Motivated affiliates. Affiliates are motivated to increase sales, since their earnings depend on the company’s success.


  • Risk. Affiliates assume some risk because their income depends on sales. If sales go down, they may lose income.
  • Management is required. A successful RevShare model requires good management and monitoring of affiliates and sales.
  • Difficulty in setting terms. Determining the exact terms and percentages under a RevShare model can be challenging and may require lengthy negotiations.

What are RevShare affiliate programs?
RevShare affiliate programs are platforms or networks that specialize in providing the RevShare model to companies and their affiliates. They provide the infrastructure for tracking sales, billing, and reports, making collaboration more user-friendly and efficient.

How to choose the right RevShare affiliate program?

When choosing a RevShare affiliate program, you should pay attention to several key factors, including the affiliate program provider’s reputation, the terms offered, the quality of support, and the availability of reports. It is also important to analyze what products or services the company is offering and how they correspond to your target audience.

The RevShare model is an interesting form of collaboration between companies and affiliates that can benefit both parties if organized and managed properly. This cooperation helps expand the market and increase companies’ revenues. It also provides affiliates with the opportunity to earn money on sales without having to create and maintain their own product or service.
However, before you join a RevShare model, it is important to thoroughly study the terms of the agreement and assess your risks and opportunities. Companies and partners should set clear rules and expectations in order to avoid future conflicts.
Researching and analyzing the market of RevShare affiliate programs will also help you choose the most suitable partner for cooperation. Reputation, customer service, technical support, and the availability of reports — all these are relevant to your choice.
Depending on a company’s business model and strategy, the RevShare model can be an effective tool for growth and development. Cooperation with qualified and motivated affiliates can significantly increase a company’s sales and profits, while reducing marketing and advertising costs.

Overall, the RevShare model is a dynamic and popular method of cooperation in online business. It enables companies and affiliates to work together in the interests of both parties and achieve common goals. However, successful cooperation under this model requires careful planning, transparency, and mutual understanding between all participants in the process.