What is an Affiliate Program and How Does it Work?

Published: 16.12.2019
What is an Affiliate Program and How Does it Work?

You surely heard about people making money online with various affiliate programs. Before you totally dismiss the idea as just another method that doesn’t actually work, take some time to read this article and discover everything about online casinos and sportsbooks affiliate programs. It’s not an attempt to influence you in any way, however, there are millions of people around the globe boosting their revenue through affiliate programs and you could be missing out on a great opportunity.

Defining an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is best described as a partnership in which an online merchant – in this case, 1xBet online sportsbook and casino – pays affiliate websites a commission for them to direct traffic towards their platform.

To make things even more simple, let’s say you have a website with quite a lot of traffic on it. The topics your website focuses on do not make a huge difference as long as you think a part of that traffic might be interested in online sports betting or casino games. You contact 1xBet partners through their official website and fill-up an application form to become an affiliate. Then, assuming the application is successful, you place banners and links on your website that send people over to 1xBet and every time one of those referred players creates an account and makes a deposit, you get a percentage of the amount. It’s that simple!

Casino and Betting Affiliate Programs vs Other Markets

You may also be wondering what makes the 1xBet affiliate program better another similar system out there. First of all, it’s the simplicity of the entire process. You just have to direct players towards the sportsbook and if they are into sports betting they will definitely be interested in the services offered.

Compared to an e-shop’s affiliate programs where people need to actually buy expensive products in order for you to get your commission, the deposit a visitor has to make for you to get a commission on it is considerably lower. Not to mention that when someone buys a vacuum cleaner from e-shop it’s less likely they will need another one for the next 2-3 years. However, with sports betting and casino games if the players like the services – and there’s no way an award-winning sportsbook such as 1xBet won’t seem appealing – they will make multiple deposits. And you’re getting lifetime commission on every player that you referred.

How to Join the 1xBet Affiliate Program?

As we described it earlier, taking your first steps towards becoming part of the 1xBet affiliate program is extremely simple. Actually, if you’re reading this you already took the first step of visiting our website. Next, you just have to click on Register Now on the homepage, fill in the requested details and then your application is automatically submitted for analysis.

You will hear from one of the 1xBet representatives in a maximum of 24 hours after your registration. If your application is approved, you’re ready to start promoting the website and earn more money! Even for the most skeptical of partners, this is an opportunity that literally has no downside. So don’t hesitate and join the 1xBet affiliate program today and really make the most out of your website!