How to increase your account security?

1. Keep your login and password confidential
Never disclose your unique username and password to anyone, under any circumstances.

2. Use the “Incognito” Mode
If you want to log into your account from someone else’s device, and add another layer of security, make sure to use the “Incognito” mode.

3. Be prudent
Never use your username and password on websites you don’t recognise.

4. Activate two-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication will make your account impenetrable.
You can activate it at any time on your account on the site

5. Fundamental rules of communication with employees of a company:

An employee will NOT request your personal information and password.
An employee of the company will NOT register you in the affiliate program.
An employee of the company will NOT make any errors regarding brand names and contradict him/herself.
Information can always be checked with your account manager or support service:

Email: [email protected]
Skype: affiliate.1xBet
Telegram: @help_1xpartners_bot