How Much Does 1xBet Affiliate Pay?

Published: 09.12.2019
How Much Does 1xBet Affiliate Pay?

You’ve probably already heard about affiliate marketing being a quick way of making nice money online. However, just like in any other business, it’s all about who you partner with. And in this article we’re going to present the advantages you get as a member of the 1xBet affiliate program and how that can increase the amounts you are earning.

Boosting the Conversion Rate

Being in the industry, you already know that it’s all about transforming those visitors into paying customers. And for that, you need to promote a high-quality bookmaker that has plenty of advantages to increase the chances of players converting. Becoming a 1xBet affiliate you’re maximizing the conversion rates because visitors have plenty of reasons to become paying customers.

First of all, you have an amazing bonus system that rewards them from the first deposit. Then, the constant promotions with real prizes are also another reason why playing at 1xBet is a great choice. The odds offered by 1xBet are among the highest in the industry and don’t just apply to football, there’s a wide choice of sports and betting markets. To all that you add a really high number of live streams and you get an excellent product.

Lifetime Commission

Getting a good commission is one thing. But making sure that commission applies to the entire lifetime of a player is also important. With 1xBet partners not only that you get a highly lucrative commission for the players you refer, but that commission is applied on the whole lifetime of the player and on all the 1xBet products. All these maximize your profit and give you an advantage compared to other affiliate programs.

The 1xBet affiliate commission is among the highest in the industry and when applied for lifetime on all products, your revenue is boosted dramatically. It makes perfect sense for you to choose the affiliate program that brings you the most money for the same amount of work.

Multiple Withdrawal Methods and Weekly Payments

What’s the point of making good money if you can’t withdraw it when you want to. With the 1xBet affiliate program, you can request weekly payments for your revenue. Simply contact our support and you can set up automatic weekly payments so you have a steady supply of funds instead of waiting one full month to get what’s yours. Most other affiliate programs out there only offer monthly payments and also have pretty high minimum amounts for a payment to be initiated.

1xBet also gives you a wide range of payment options to choose from. We have withdrawal options for each region of the world so you have an easy time getting your funds. Also, you can choose to create an account with 1xBet and get paid directly in your player account so you can just withdraw the funds instantly whenever you want to.

The list can go on with other examples of how 1xBet simply tops the competition in any aspect no matter if you’re looking at things from an affiliate or a player point of view. Making sure you have the proper partner for your affiliate marketing business is one of the most important steps. Choosing 1xPartners is a way of making sure you have all the back-up and tools to grow your business and reach your maximum potential. Join 1xPartners today and start boosting your revenue right now!